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Rhita Salah

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Orthopaedic Diversity


When I was at medical school, my mom once had knee pain and wanted to see an orthopedic surgeon, to be more specific, a female orthopedic surgeon. It was only then that I realized that all orthopedic surgeons in my region were men. I smiled at her and told her that if her pain can wait for a few years, then I may become one. Deep down, I wasn't ready for such an adventure, but I thought about it in a serious way.
First time I entered operating room as medical student, it was for a plate osteosynthesis of distal radius. I was amased and at that very exact moment, I decided to be orthopedic surgeon. But to do so, I had to face so many obstacles. I was literally discouraged by everyone I know, saying it was difficult, it was a men job... Still, I did it and never regretted it.

What made you join IODA?

How have you approached DEI in your workplace?

How do you define inclusion?

What is your proudest achievement?

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