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Mari Thiart

Professional degree

Preferred job title

Current place of practice/training

Description of practice

FC (Orth) SA, MMED (Orth)

Paediatric orthopaedic surgeon

Tygerberg Hosiptal

Academic hospital

Orthopaedic Diversity


Women in Orthopaedic surgery make up 5% of the total in my country. After my paediatric orthopaedic fellowship in the United Kingdom, I realised I wanted to return to South Africa and support and mentor the women coming up the ranks

What made you join IODA?

I was looking for my tribe of like-minded people. People who wanted to uplift and encourage diversity, inclusion and belonging. And then I found IODA!

How have you approached DEI in your workplace?

These can potentially be very difficult conversations when people are not receptive to them. I think it is important to introduce the topic slowly, plant the seed, start the conversation. Rome was not built in one day...

How do you define inclusion?

Inclusion is the feeling one gets when you feel embraced by a group. They accept you, and all of you. When you feel safe enough to bring all of you to work for example.

What is your proudest achievement?

This is a difficult question, but I think the times when I feel most proud of myself is when I see the positive effect I have had on someones' life or experience. When I host our #soyouwanttibiasurgeon workshops, and I see the pure joy on the students' faces! This makes it all worth it!

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