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Patricia Fucs

Professional degree

Preferred job title

Current place of practice/training

Description of practice

MD, PhD, Full Professor

Chief Neuromuscular Clinic

Santa Casa medical School and Hospitals

Academic full time

Orthopaedic Diversity


Pediatric orthop. Past President Brazilian Pediatric Orthopaedic Society- SBOP; Past-President Brazilian Orthopaedic Society - SBOT, Professor Ortho and Traumatology Santa Casa Medical School,, Graduation and Post-Graduation levels, São Paulo, Brazil.

What made you join IODA?

IODA is important to change Orthopaedics worldwide.

How have you approached DEI in your workplace?

yes, there is a committee in the Medical School

How do you define inclusion?

be able to belong in every place

What is your proudest achievement?

work for a better orthopaedic care in the country

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Patricia Fucs



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