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Matthew Schmitz

Professional degree

Preferred job title

Current place of practice/training

Description of practice


Adolescent Sports and Young Adult Hip Preservation

San Antonio Military Medical Center

Academic Practice in Military Hospital

Orthopaedic Diversity


Father to 2 daughters and husband to a wonderful physician leader, I am close to finishing my military career. My practice is adolescent sports and young adult hip preservation (open and arthroscopic

What made you join IODA?

My life is much different now that I am in a house full of women (2 daughters, and a physician leader wife). Growing up and attending predominantly male schooling (all-boys high school, military academy for college), it wasn't until I was surrounded by females that I started to really take notice of discrepancies in our society. As a white male, I feel as though it is incumbent on me to help make the realm and world of orthopaedics more diverse and better for our patients and our fellow surgeons.

How have you approached DEI in your workplace?

Being deliberate in recruitment and retention from a faculty standpoint. I firmly believe that with strong diverse faculty, a more diverse applicant pool will develop for residency slots. So recruiting the right surgeon leaders and then fostering their development is key.

How do you define inclusion?

Being open to new ideas and ideas that may be different from what you had originally thought. Making sure that everyone has a voice and an opportunity.

What is your proudest achievement?

Playing for the US national Rugby team while in medical school and I am now one of the team physicians

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