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Jennifer Green

Professional degree

Preferred job title

Current place of practice/training

Description of practice


Orthopaedic Surgeon

Canberra, Australia


Orthopaedic Diversity


Founder of IODA. A hand & wrist surgeon who developed a passion for championing diversity, equity and inclusion in orthopaedics as the Chair of the Australian Orthopaedic Association (AOA) Orthopaedic Women's Link (OWL) 2018-2020. This role involved driving the inaugural AOA Diversity Strategy & was incredibly rewarding. It also led to connections with diversity advocates around the world and gave birth to IODA.
I am a parent of two, one of whom is neurodiverse and gender non-binary. My spouse is an airforce pilot and a great diversity ally. Reading (fiction, Harvard Business Review & New York Times), yoga, running, photography & the natural environment bring me joy along with time spent with family & friends.

What made you join IODA?

Ha a founding member is was kind of obligatory.

How have you approached DEI in your workplace?

I try to be aware of my implicit biases and to be curious not judgemental when interacting with patients, staff, colleagues & allied health professionals. I employ staff of diverse demographics & identities. I ensure that the team working in my operating room feel included and respected and are able to be themselves at work. Diversity is a superpower. Diverse teams are more innovative, attract the top talent (select from a larger talent pool) & make better decisions.

How do you define inclusion?

I define inclusion as the process of listening to, valuing and empowering diverse voices and lived experiences and incorporating them into the actions, strategies and decisions of an organisation.

What is your proudest achievement?

Being part of the amazing team of global advocates who have worked together, learned together & dedicated their time and energy towards a vision of an environment in global orthopaedics where everyone can thrive. A thousand members in twelve months is a great beginning! A close second is being part of the AOA Diversity Strategy and witnessing an evolving more diverse, equitable and inclusive culture in Australian orthopaedics. There is still much to do to achieve the IODA vision but also many who are puttin up their hands to be part of the change.

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