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July 2021

Welcome our new appointments to IODA's committees

We recently opened expressions of interest to those that would like to join an IODA committee. We are very grateful to have attracted candidates with such depth of talent and experience and are thankful for the enthusiasm to increase diversity in orthopaedic surgery. 

IODA is delighted to be welcome the following members as IODA committee members:

  • Dr Colm McCarthy (United States) – Social Media Committee

  • Dr Dylan Mistry (United Kingdom) – Diversity Library Committee

  • Dr Karishma Tailor (United Kingdom) – Social Media Committee

  • Dr Katharine Hamlin (United Kingdom) – Diversity Library Committee

  • Dr Laurie Hiemstra (Canada) – Diversity Library Committee

  • Dr Lisa Cannada (United States) – Diversity Library Committee

  • Dr Lynette Spalding (United Kingdom) – Website Committee

  • Dr Meenu Shunmugam (Australia) – Webinar Committee

  • Dr Melanie Amarasooriya (Sri Lanka) – Webinar Committee

  • Dr Roshana Mehdian (United Kingdom) – Social Media Committee.


We are thrilled to welcome these members to their respective committees and look forward to their valuable contribution to IODA in the near future.

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